What are the characteristics of single circular knitting machine

2022-09-02 22:00

A common single circular knitting machine has a large number of loops (usually 3 to 4 times the diameter of the needle barrel, i.e. 3/25.4mm~4/25.4mm). For example, a 30 " single circular knitting machine has 90F~120F loops, and a 34"  single circular knitting machine  has 102-126F loops, etc. It has high speed and high yield. In our part of the knitting enterprises called multi - triangle machine (mainly Z241 type rise).

knitting machine

Ordinary  single circular knitting machine has single needle lane (a runway), two needle lane (two runway), three needle lane (three runway), four needle lane a season of six needle lane models, at present, most of the knitting enterprises are using four needle lane single-side machine. It is the use of knitting needle and triangle organic arrangement combination to weave a variety of new fabrics.

Carry on the product design to comply with "all products, not only seek quantity, but also seek good quality" principle, correctly handle the relationship between economy, practicality and beauty. Not only from the beauty of the fabric, using the floating thread too long thin fabric, affect the wear performance of the fabric; Also can not only from practical consideration, one-sided weight thickening fabric, affect its economic effect; At the same time, we should give full play to the characteristics of the fiber materials in the fabric to achieve good economic results. Therefore, designers should be practical, investigate and research, strengthen the relationship with trade departments and production departments, so that the products are not only in line with the requirements of use, but also easy to produce, and the supply of raw materials is sufficient.

In ORDER TO BE ABLE TO DESIGN THE KNITTING products THAT PEOPLE like, it is necessary to be familiar with the methods and steps of product design, and on the basis of constant practice, design a product that integrates beauty, practicality and economy. You should also be familiar with the use and replacement of the circular knitting machine and the accessories of the machine, so as to ensure the perfection of knitted fabric.

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