Daily maintenance of circular knitting machines

2024-04-17 20:00
circular knitting machines

Daily maintenance of circular knitting machines


Daily maintenance


A. In the morning, middle and evening shifts, the fibers (flying flowers) attached to the creel and machine must be removed, and the knitting components and the take-up and take-up mechanism must be kept clean.


B. When handing over the shift, check the active yarn feeding device to prevent the yarn storage device from being blocked by flying particles and making the rotation inflexible, resulting in cross-sections and other defects on the surface of the fabric.


C. Check the automatic stop device and safety gear guard every shift. If there are any abnormalities, repair or replace them immediately.


D. During shift handover or patrol inspection, it is necessary to check whether the market and various oil lines are smooth


Weekly maintenance


A. Do a good job in cleaning the yarn feeding speed regulating plate and remove the accumulated fly particles in the plate.


B. Check whether the belt tension of the transmission device is normal and whether the transmission is smooth.


C. Carefully check the operation of the pulling and coiling mechanism.


Monthly maintenance


A. Remove the triangular base and remove accumulated flying dust.


B. Check whether the wind direction of the dust removal device is correct and remove the dust on it.


C. Remove flying debris from the electrical accessories and repeatedly check the performance of each electrical accessory, such as the auto-stop system, safety system, etc.


Half-year maintenance


A. Remove all knitting needles and sinkers from the circular knitting machine, clean them thoroughly, and check for damage. If damaged, replace them immediately.


B. Check whether each oil circuit is smooth and clean the fuel injection device.


C. Clean and check whether the positive yarn feeding mechanism is flexible.


D. Clean the flying dust and oil stains from the electrical system and inspect it.


E. Check whether the waste oil collection oil line is smooth.

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